This publication brings to light the potential impacts of the advent of fully autonomous driving on the society in terms of positivities and otherwise. Almost every newly deployed technology has unintended downsides and consequences, this paper presents some of the prognosticated disadvantages of autonomous driving. It also explains the obstacles that might inhibit a widespread adoption of robotic vehicles/self-driving cars in the mainstream of driving, also making suggestions on how some of them can be surmounted. The study throws up some advantages of widespread adoption of self-driving cars such as improved mobility and safety, better traffic flow and environmental sustainability, efficient fuel and land use, increased human productivity and comfort; amongst other benefits.

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ABIODUN OGUNTONA, BEM SOMBO, SILAS EDWIN NDUKU, Mafolayomi. Potential Impacts of the Advent of Fully Autonomous Driving and Foreseeable Hindrances against Widespread Adoption of Robot Cars. Global Journal of Research In Engineering, [S.l.], jan. 2019. ISSN 2249-4596. Available at: <https://engineeringresearch.org/index.php/GJRE/article/view/1883>. Date accessed: 18 july 2019.