Dr. Marjan Assefi

Ph.D of Nano Engineering, Doctorate of Healthcare Administration, Master of Nano Science and Nano Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Virginia at Lynchburg, United States

Dr. Ke Liu

Ph.D in Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, China

Dr. Shelby I. Chamberlain

Ph.D. (Princeton University), MS (New York University), USA

Dr. Qichun “Kit” Zhang

Ph.D., in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Chair Professor of Inclusive AI at Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Dr. Safieh Javadinejad

Lecturer in Concordia university and I am a postdoc researcher and research assistant and graduated with Ph.d in water resource engineering, Hydrology and climate change from the University of Birmingham

Dr. Yudong Zhang

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Signal and Information Processing, Southeast University Professor School of Information Science and Technology at Nanjing Normal University, China

Dr. Steffen Lehmann

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Ph.D., AA Dip University of Portsmouth UK

Dr. Chao Wang

Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics Rosharon, TX, US

Dr. Ciprian Lapusan

Ph. D in Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

Dr. Minghua He

Department of Civil Engineering Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, China

Dr. Haijian Shi

Ph.D. Civil Engineering Structural Engineering Oakland, CA, United States

Dr. Houfa Shen

Ph.D. Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China

Dr. Zhen Yuan

B.E., Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering University of Sciences and Technology of China, China Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau, China

Dr. Sofoklis S. Makridis

B.Sc(Hons), M.Eng, Ph.D. Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Western Macedonia, Greece

Dr. Salvatore Brischetto

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic University of Turin and in Mechanics, Paris West University Nanterre La D?fense Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

Dr. Fausto Gallucci

Associate Professor, Chemical Process Intensification (SPI), Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Assistant Editor, International J. Hydrogen Energy, Netherlands

Dr. Jun Wang

Ph.D. in Architecture, University of Hong Kong, China Urban Studies City University of Hong Kong, China

Dr. Stefano Invernizzi

Ph.D. in Structural Engineering Technical University of Turin, Department of Structural, Geotechnical and Building Engineering, Italy

Dr. Eric M. Lui

Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University, USA

Dr. Maurizio Palesi

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, University of Catania, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Italy

Dr. Giacomo Risitano

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering at University of Perugia (Italy) "Automotive Design" at Engineering Department of Messina University (Messina) Italy.

Dr. Zi Chen

Ph.D. Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, US Assistant Professor, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Hanover, US

Dr. Pallav Purohit

Ph.D. Energy Policy and Planning, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi Research Scientist, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

Dr. Xianbo Zhao

Ph.D. Department of Building, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Senior Lecturer, Central Queensland University, Australia

Dr. Gordana Colovic

B.Sc Textile Technology, M.Sc. Technical Science Ph.D. in Industrial management. The College of Textile ? Design, Technology and Management, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. Philip T Moore

Ph.D., Graduate Master Supervisor School of Information Science and engineering Lanzhou University China

Dr. Alex W. Dawotola

Hydraulic Engineering Section, Delft University of Technology, Stevinweg, Delft, Netherlands

Dr. Ye Tian

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering The Pennsylvania State University 121 Electrical, Engineering East University Park, PA 16802, US

Dr. Vivek Dubey(HON.)

MS (Industrial Engineering), MS (Mechanical Engineering), University of Wisconsin FICCT Editor-in-Chief, US

Dr. Adel Al Jumaily

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (AI), Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology, Sydney

Dr. Omid Gohardani

Ph.D. Senior Aerospace/Mechanical/ Aeronautical, Engineering professional M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering B.Sc. Vehicle Engineering Orange County, California, US

Dr. Stefano Mariani

Associate Professor, Structural Mechanics, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ph.D., in Structural Engineering Polytechnic University of Milan Italy

Dr. Charles-Darwin Annan

Ph.D., Professor Civil and Water Engineering University Laval, Canada

Dr. Maria Daniela

Ph.D. in Aerospace Science and Technologies Second University of Naples, Research Fellow University of Naples ?Federico II?, Italy

Dr. Paolo Veronesi

Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Institute of Electronics, Italy President of the master Degree in Materials Engineering Dept. of Engineering, Italy

Dr. Togay Ozbakkaloglu

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada Senior Lecturer University of Adelaide, Australia

Dr. Francesco Tornabene

Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics, University of Bologna Professor Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering University of Bologna, Italy

Dr. Bin Chen

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Xi?an Jiaotong University, China. State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering Xi?an Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Wenfang Xie

Ph.D., Department of Electrical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Automatic Control, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China

Dr. Iman Hajirasouliha

Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

Dr. Pangil Choi

Ph.D. Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering, Texas Tech University, US

Dr. Ephraim Suhir

Ph.D., Dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow University Moscow, Russia Bell Laboratories Physical Sciences and Engineering Research Division USA

Dr. Ren-Jye Dzeng

Professor Civil Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan Dean of General Affairs, Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan USA

Dr. Elaine T Frates

Ph.D. (Northwestern University), MS (Duke University), USA

Dr. Lyndon O. Barton

M.M.A.E., B.S.M.E.

Dr. Mostafa Ghasemi Baboli

Ph.D, M.S in Chemical Engineering & B.S in Petroleum Engineering

Prof Oscar Sunny Onuke

PhD, M. Eng, B.Eng, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Priyanka Chouhan


Dr. Mahdi Hosseini

Department of Civil Engineering, Ph.D., M.Tech., B.Engg., Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Dr. Maruyama, Kyuichi

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, M.E., B.E., Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Sunil Kumar Jilledi

B.E, M.TECH, (PhD)

Dr. Hao Yi

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Laxmi Wadhwani


Dr. Abdel-Fatah

Ph.D, M.SC, B.SC in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Paige I. Wheeler

Ph.D. (The Princeton University), MS (New York University), USA

Dr. Philip G. Moscoso

Technology and Operations Management IESE Business School, University of Navarra Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, ETH Zurich M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, ETH Zurich Link: Philip G. Moscoso personal webpage

Hiroshi Sekimoto

Professor Emeritus Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan Ph.D., University of California Berkeley

Dr. Fentahun Moges Kasie

Department of mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Institute, of technology Hawassa University Hawassa, Ethiopia

Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera

Ph.D. Dep. Cartographic and Land Engineering, University of Salamanca, ?vila, Spain

Dr. Balasubramani R

Ph.D., (IT) in Faculty of Engg. & Tech. Professor & Head, Dept. of ISE at NMAM Institute of Technology

Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber

University of Southern Californi Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Ddes, from Harvard University M.S. from University of California, Berkeley M.S. from Istanbul, Technical University

Dr. Kitipong Jaojaruek

B. Eng, M. Eng, D. Eng (Energy Technology, Asian Institute of Technology). Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen (KPS) Campus Energy Research Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. (LU) Prof. (UoS) Dr. Miklas Scholz

Cand Ing, BEng (equiv), PgC, MSc, Ph.D., CWEM, CEnv, CSci, CEng, FHEA, FIEMA, FCIWEM, FICE, Fellow of IWA, VINNOVA Fellow, Marie Curie Senior, Fellow, Chair in Civil Engineering (UoS) Wetland systems, sustainable drainage, and water quality

Dr. Jui-Sheng Chou

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A. Department of Civil and Construction Engineering National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech)

Dr. Hugo Silva

Associate Professor, University of Minho, Department of Civil Engineering, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Minho Portugal

Dr. Ananda Kumar Palaniappan

B.Sc., MBA, MED, Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. University of Malaya, Malaysia, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Dr. Wesam S. Alaloul

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University Technology Petronas, Malaysia

Dr. T.S. Jang

Ph.D. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea Director, Arctic Engineering Research Center, The Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute, Pusan National University, South Korea

Dr. Cesar M. A. Vasques

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Dr. Zhou Yufeng

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Duke University, US Assistant Professor College of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Shun-Chung Lee

Department of Resources Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Dr. M. Meguellati

Department of Electronics, University of Batna, Batna 05000, Algeria

Dr. Maciej Gucma

Assistant Professor, Maritime Univeristy of Szczecin Szczecin, Poland Ph.D.. Eng. Master Mariner

Dr. Jalal Kafashan

Mechanical Engineering Division of Mechatronics KU Leuven, BELGIUM

Dr. A. Stegou-Sagia

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Dr. Shaoping Xiao

BS, MS Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University The University of Iowa, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Center for Computer-Aided Design

Belen Riveiro

Ph.D., School of Industrial Engineering, University of Vigo Spain

Dr. Saeed Chehreh Chelgani

Ph.D. in Mineral Processing University of Western Ontario, Adjunct professor, Mining engineering and Mineral processing, University of Michigan

Dr. Wei-Hsin Chen

Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University, Department of Aeronautics, and Astronautics, Taiwan

Dr. Joaquim Carneiro

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto(FEUP), University of Minho, Department of Physics Portugal

Reviewers in Engineering

Hani Vahedi, Ph.D. Student in Power Electrical Systems
Minghua He, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Y.P. Singh, M.Tech,PhD
M A Farsi, Ph.D.
Sunil Kumar J, Ph.D., M.Tech, BE
Prashant Kumar, B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication)
Raja Sekhar D, PhD
Dr. Rajender Kumar, M.Com., Ph.D., M.A.Eco., MIMA, PGDFM, PGDMM, LL.B.,DCFA
Prasenjit Chatterjee, Ph.D. in Production Engineering M.Tech(Production Management)
Md Multan Biswas, M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Electrical Energy and Power System Group)
Md. Farhad Ismail, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Mohammed Diany, Ph. D. in mechanical engineering
Prof J. Viswanatha Rao, Ph.D.
Chao Wang, Ph.D.
Reinaldo Morales, PhD
Varadala Sridhar, M.TECH,MSC
Farzad Ebrahimi, Ph.D.
Chutisant Kerdvibulvech, Ph.D.
Bensafi Abd-El-Hamid, Ph.D., Polymer Thermodynamics and Polymer Physics
Tatiana Ilkova, Ph.D.
Niraj Shakhakarmi, Ph.D.
Asif Islam, M.Sc. (Electrical & Electronic Engineering), B.Sc. (Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Major - Power Systems)
Haijian Shi, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering License Professional Civil Engineer in US more than 15 publications in journals and proceedings
Dr. K.S. Zakiuddin, Ph.D., M.Tech, MIRPM
Dr. Mohammad Faiz Liew Abdullah, Ph.D.
Lapusan Ciprian, Lecturer Ph.D. Eng.
Dr. K. Ramani, BE.,ME.,Ph.D
Dr. Ashok G. Matani, Ph.D.[ Mechanical Engg], MBA
Jian Liu, Ph.D.
Salar Salahi, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, B.Tech.(Mechanical Engg.), M.Tech( Analysis & Desgin), Ph.D.-in Mechanical Engg.
Piotr Mackiewicz , assistant professor in The Chair of Roads and Airports
Syed Jahangir Badashah, B.E., M.E (Applied Electronics), MISTE, MIETE, Ph.D.
Maciej Gucma, PhD. Eng. Master Mariner
Dr. Rajiv Mahajan, Ph.D, M-Tech
Md. Mottaleb Hossain, B.Sc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tao Yang, Ph.D, Ohio State University
D. Arumuga Perumal, Ph.D
Dr. M V Raghavendra, Ph.D.
Jaikaran Singh, M.Sc.(Electronics), M.Tech.(VLSI Design), Ph.D.(Optoelectronics)
Dr. Ch. V. Subbaro, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, M.E
Dr. Zeeshan Nawaz, PhD in Chemical Engineering & Technology
Prof. K.M. Pandey, Ph.D
Krishnan Kumar Paliwal, Ph.D. (CSE)
Dr. Piyush P. Gohil, PhD Mechanical Engineering (Composite Materials)
Anil, Ph.D.
Mehjabeen Javed, M.Sc (Zoology)
T.S. Ghouse Basha, B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Dr. Surojit Ghosh, BE(Mechanical), ME(Production), PhD(Engineering)
Ravindra Kumar Sharma, B.E., M.Tech.
M.N. Lakhoua, Assistant Professor
Kesava Reddy Chirra, B.E (Mechanical)M.Tech (ThermalEngg)
Hossein Barghi Jond, Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Intelligence, Machine Vision
Needhidasan Santhanam, B.E(CIVIL), M.E., PGDEPM, PGDIPM, Ph.D
Dr. P. Nagasekhar Reddy, M.Tech, Ph.D
Mohammad Ali Irandegani, Ph.D.
Masood Hajali, Ph.D., P.E., Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Prof. Gautam Vikhe Patil, PhD M.B.A (Operations) Diploma in Foreign Trade B.E. Mechanical Diploma in Mechanical Engg. S.S.C
Muhammad Naeem , BSc Electronics Engineering
Zahera Mekkioui, Ph.D.
Dr. Abbas Moustafa, Ph. D., Ph.D.
Dr. Shefiu S. Zakariyah, Ph.D.
Ye Tian, Ph.D.
Er. Gurjeet Singh, Ph.D. CSE
Arun Wamanrao Dhawale, Ph.D., ME Civil Engg
Susarla Venkata Ananta Rama Sastry, B.Tech (Chemical Engg.), M.Tech (Process Engineering & Design), Ph.D.
Ehsan Kamrani, Ph.D.
Prof. Shashikant Shantilal Patil, M.Tech, MBA HR
Shadab Anwar, Ph.D. in Geo sciences
Rajeev Kumar, M.Tech Microelectronics & VLSI Design
Dr. SZ Mohamed Shamshuddin, MSc (Chemistry), PhD(Catalysis), PDF
Ali Ebadi, Master of Electrical Engineering (Power)
Dr. Arun Kumar Dwivedi, Ph.D. (Civil Engg.) P.G.Dimploma (Industrial Water & Waste Water Treatment) M.Tech. (Water Resources Engineering) B.E. (Civil Engineering)
Dr. Mrs. Suchita D. Nimbalkar, M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D.
Hatice Basak Yildirim, Research Assistant
Ali I. Al-Mosawi, M.Sc. in Materials Engineering
Murat Oturakci, PhD Candidate
Eena Gilhotra, M.Tech.,B.E.
Aditya Pratap Singh, Ph.D
Josue Cuevas, Ph.D.
Prof. Dr. Tarun Kumar Lohani, M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Najm Obaid Salim Alghazali, PhD in Civil Engineering
Xuanzhi Zhan, Ph.D.
Ghanim Alwan, Associate Professor Dr.PhD
Farhad Mirzaei, Ph.D.
Samavedam Santhi, Mtech, PhD
Lalitha Subramanian, B.Tech (EEE)
Dr. Pradip D Jadhao, B.E. (Civil), M.E.(Civil- Geotechnical Engg.) Ph.D.(Civil)
Yazachew Alemu Tenaw, MSc in Analytical Chemistry
Piyush Pathak, Ph.D. in Materials Science
Abhijeet Dasgupta, PhD Research Scholar (University of Sheffield, UK) M.Tech, B.E
Vishnupriya Gupta , Ph.D.
Abhishek Sengar, M.TECH ECEB.E. ECE
Andrew Wenjie Cai, Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering; American Chemistry Society; Materials Research Society; Alpha Sigma Mu member
Sudhakar, Ph.D.
Qize Le, Ph.D. in Engineering, focused on System Engineering, Product Development, Engineering Design
Husain Mehdi , M.Tech (Machine Design)
Yawar Hussain, Ph.D., Doctoral Student
Rahul Davis, M.Tech (Production & Industrial Engineering)
Shyam Lal Sharma, PhD., M.Tech.( Mechine Design ) , B.Tech.( Machanical Engineering )
Akanksha Gupta, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Alireza Rafieerad,
Ayesha Tasneem, BS-Software Engineering
Dr. Hitesh panchal, Ph.D. (Solar Thermal Engineering) Thesis Submitted M.Tech. (I C Engine & Automobile)
Ehsan Javadi Shokroo, Ph.D.
Balu, M.Sc., M.Phil.,(Ph.D).
Chung-Ming (John) Own,
Dr. Ramachandra V Pujeri, BE (Electronics and Communication Engineering), ME (CSE) Ph.D. (CSE), MBA (HR)
Khaled El-Sayed Ahmed, Ph.D., Lecturer in Biomedical Department
Konstantinos Kalovrektis, Ph.D.
Dr. Omid Gohardani, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering
Khondekar Mofazzal Mossain, M.Tech
Diego Gonzalez Aguilera, Ph.D.
Dr. Masoud Rahiminezhad Galankashi, PhD in industrial engineering Department of Materials, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 81310 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Bharat Bhushan Jindal, PhD in Structures ( submitted)
Esmaeil Kordi, Ph.D.
I. Thirunavukkarasu, Ph.D.
Mehmet Bulut, PhD
Alex Dawotola, Ph.D.
Aswathy N, M.E VLSI Design
Dr. DSR Murthy, B.E.(Electronics), M.Tech(CSE), Ph.D.(CSE)
Dr. Kunaljeet Tanwar, Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry
Ndemanou Buris Peggy, Student
Amin Paykani, Ph.D.
Ibikunle Frank, Ph.D.
Amin Habibzadeh, Ph.D.
Dr. Sujata Pandey, Ph.D.
Bharath, MTech, (Ph.D)
Pourus Mehta, Ph.D. (Physics)
Zhibin Lin, Ph.D.
Mohammad Barghi Latran, Ph.D.
Raza Abdullas Saeed, PhD
Subhash Namde Waghmare, UG: B.E. (Mech. Engg.),PG: M.Tech. (Mech. Engg. Design),PhD: Perusing,MBA(Marketing & Finance)
Dalgobind Mahto, Ph.D. in Engineering
Saif Imam, Ph.D
Dr. Wael A. Salah, Degree:Bachelor of Engineering , Electrical and Computer Engineering/Palestine Polytechnic University Masters:Master of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Universiti Sians Malaysia PhD:Doctorate of Philosophy Ph.D, Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Universiti Sians Malaysia
Min Zhang, D.E. ,lecturer
Pravin Thakre, Ph.D.(Mathematical Sciences)
Dr. Punal M. Arabi, B.E. ( Electronics & Instrumentation) M.E. (Power System) Ph.D ( Medical Electronics)
Dr. R S Meena, PhD
Mojtaba, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
Dr. Meyyappan Venkatesan, M.E., Ph.D
Meysam Khaleghian, I got my PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia polytechnic institute and state university in January 2017. my main focus of research is vehicle dynamics, control, state estimation, Robotics, time mechanics, tire-road friction and experimental and numerical stress analysis.
Thamir Khalil Ibrahim, PhD. Mechanical Engineering- Thermofluid
Mahdi Moharrampour, Faculty of civil Engineering ,
Muhammad Hassan Raza, PhD
Dr. Mohammad Zarein, Ph.D.
Gurhan Ertasgin, Lecturer (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Mohammad Israr, Ph.D.
Hema Krishna Ravuri, BSc., MSc., MPhil., Ph.D.., post doctorate.
Lounis Zoubida, -Professor , - Director researcher -President of scientific council -Director of industrial research laboratory industrial safety and sustainable development -Director doctoral school in engineering of process safety and environment
Mohd Ikmal Ismail, BSc in Mechanical Engineering PhD in Sound and Vibration
Prof D.V. Mahindru, M.Tech
Nikhil Taxak, Ph.D (Medicinal Chemistry) M.S. (Pharm.) Medicinal Chemistry B.Pharma.
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Ph.D.
Anastasia Maggina, Ph.D.
Dr. Akash Saxena, M.SC(C.S), M.TECH(C.S), M.PHIL (C.S), PH.D(C.S)
Manal A. Salem, Ph.D., Geotechnical Engineering, 2006 The University of Texas at Austin, Austin
Serkan Araci, Ph.D.
Yu Wang, Research associate
Swapnil Pramod Kanade, M-Tech specialization (Control Systems)
Dr. Santosh K Pandey, PhD (Computer Science)
Prachand Man Pradhan, M.Sc. Structural Engineering (1998-2000) Ph.D. Scholar (2009-2014)
Seyed Hashem Samadi, Ph.D.
Prabu Sevugan, B.E(CSE).,M.Tech(RS).,M.Tech(IT).,Ph.D(CEG-AU) POST DOC FELLOW
Prof. Arun Agarwal, M. Tech in Telematics & Signal Processing and PH.D continuing.
Wenjiao Song, PhD
Masoumeh Sadat Latifi, PhD
Fatemeh Farhatnia,
Ashish Runthala, M.Sc., M.E., PhD (About to finish)
Md. Nasimuzzaman Chowdhury, M.Sc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Entsar Kouni A Alhaj Mohamed Elbishti, Phd in accounting
Dr. V N Jha, MBBS, MD (Aerospace Medicine)
Kalyan Rapolu, PhD in Engineering
Somayeh Ahmadi, Ph.D.
Jayant Hari Gambhir, ME ( E&TC) (VLSI & Embedded Systems) BE (Electronics)
Farhad Mirzaei, Eco efficient livestock production management
Joydeep Majumder , M.Sc. Ph.D
Shaymaa Abbas Abdalsada, Ph.D.
Dr. Mukul Chandra Bora, PhD
Dr. Mamun Habib, Dept. of Opeartions Management Ph.D. in Computer & Engineering
Khaled Nabih Zaki Rashed, PhD in Organic Chemistry.
Md. Tasruzzaman Babu, B.Sc in mechanical engineering
Dr. Fairuz Izzuddin Romli, PhD
Nhat-Duc Hoang, Ph.D.
Sivanantham S, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D
Ramanpreet Singh, B.E (Mechanical Engineering ) M.Tech (Machine Design)
Masoud Valinejad shoubi, Ph.D. in Arch.
SA. Edalatpanah, M.Sc in Applied Mathematics, Ph.D: University of Guilan
Efstratios Ntantis, Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Amicarelli, PhD in Hydraulic Engineering
Ramesh Kannan, M.E., Construction Engineering and Management
Dr. V. Jayakumar, PhD
Dr. Manit Arora, MBBS (Hons), MS (Ortho)
Rolando Salgado Estrada, PhD Civil Engineering (structures)
Nabel Kadum Abd-Ali, Bs.C. : 1994, AL-Mustansirya University, Engineering College,Mechanical Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq. Ms.C. : 2007, Academy of Graduate Studies, Engineering College, Industrial and Production Engineering, Tripoli, Libya. Title: [A Study of the Most Effective Factors on Production Costs i
Pramod Kumar Gupta, PhD (submitted), MBA(IB), MBA, BSc
Dr. Yogendra Tandel, Ph. D
Sukumar Senthilkumar, Post Doctorate in Mathematics and Post Doctorate in Computer Science & Engineering,
Krishnakumar Chittibabu, B.E., M.Tech., PhD.,
Sangeeta Vhatkar, PhD Pursuing
Dr. A. Subramanian, M.Tech, Ph.D.(Optimal location of FACTS Devices in power systems)
Dhanya Nair, I am a semiconductor process engineer with experience and expertise in semiconductor manufacturing, memory technology, radiation effects on electronics, CMOS technology, and electronic circuits and testing.
Dr. Sam-Ang Keo, Materials and Structural Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Infrared Thermography, Mechanic of Materials, Finite Element Method, Thermal, Laser, Microwave, Signal Processing
Sankaranarayanan Seetharaman, PhD (Mechanical Engineering)
Anand Pillarisetti, Ph.D.
Ashish Singh, M.Tech, Ph.D(submitted)
Dr. Ramachandran Guruprasad, M.Sc.(IT), M.Tech(IT), MBA(IT), Ph.D. (IS)
Abhishek Anchal, M.Tech PhD (Pursuing)
Dr. Khuda Bakhsh Malik, PhD
Esmaeil Asadzadeh, PhD scholar
Barun Mazumdar, M.Tech
Ahmet Haxhiaj, Dr.sc Prof. asoc
Ahmad Ali Abdel Sater, PhD holder in Applied Linguistics in English Language.
Hua Jiang, Assistant Professor, Ph.D
Mohammad Jannati, Phd
Dr. Sanjay Pachauri, Ph.D.
Mashhood Mashhoodi, Ph.D.
Varun Penmatsa, Ph.D.
Taha Zakaraia Abdel Wahid, Scientific Research Director and Assistant Professor Department of Basic Sciences, October High Institute for Engineering and Technology, 6th October City, Giza, Egypt.
Satya Aravind Gangu, PhD in Chemical Engineering
Er. Madhav P. Koirala, Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Anupam Dixit, Pursuing M.E
Atria Pradityana, Doctor
MD Asaduzzaman Nur, BSc in EEE
Raju Chowdhury, B.Sc & M.Sc (Mathematics)M.Phil (Applied Mathematics)
Neeraj kumar, M.Tech
Dr. Saurabh Manro, P.hd (Maths), M.Ed
Naif Fawzi, PhD In Human Resource Management
Rajamahanti Surya Kiran, M.TECH , (PhD)
Huseyin Murat Cekirge, MS Civ Eng 1968 PhD App. Mech 1972
Dr. Ram Kishan Malik, Ph.D.
Dr. B. Yogesha , B.E.,M.Tech(IIT, Kharagpur).,Ph.D(IITM, Chennai)
Fei Yi, Ph.D. in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Sanjeev Anand Sahu, Ph.D.
Virender Suhag , MD DNB PGDHHM
Dr. T. Muthamizhan, Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) M.E.(Power Electronics and Drives) B.E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
Tianshou Ma, Ph.D.
Libin jia, Ph.D.
Yahia Zakaria, Ph.D.
Faisal Al Mozahid, B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, M.Sc. in Glass and Ceramics Engineering
Hasnain Nangyal, Ph.D.
Milind Gadre, Ph.D.
Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, Assist.Prof.
Sivarao SUbramonian, PhD. (Mech. & Mfg) M.Eng. (Mech. & Mfg.)B.Eng. (Mech. & Mfg.)Professional Engineer (Mech.)
Abinet Tesfaye Eseye, PhD in Electrical Power System Engineering and Automation
Deepika Garg , P.hD.
Dr. Seetaiah Kilaru, PhD
Divya Gudapati, M.Tech
Dr. Rabin C.P., M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D, F.S.Sc, F.S.E.Sc, F.I.S.E.C, F.I.S.B.T. F.I.S.C.A., (D.Sc)
Nagashree B, Mtech in Structural engg
Kelly Wibbenmeyer, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, ITIL certified, PhD Student
Abilash, MTech, BTech
Mehmet Serkan Kirgiz, Philosophy of Doctorate in Structure
Mehrdad Shafiei Dizaji, PhD
Dr. J. Komalalakshmi, M.C.A.,M.PHIL,PH.D
Hammad Salahuddin, MS in Structural Engineering
Sakshi Gupta, M.Tech Structural Engineering
Reza Lotfi, Industrial engineering phd
Kassu Jilcha, P.hD.
Padmini, Ph.D
Abolghasem Kazemi, Chemical Engineering Natural gas processing Process Design Process Simulation Petrochemical Processes
Haji Khan Khoharo, MBBS, M.Phil, FCPS
Zul-Atfi Ismail, Master of Science in Technology Management
Gopinath Palai, PhD
Dr. Suryakanth Malgikar, M.D.S
Yenesew Sewnet Yizengaw, M.Sc. in Rural development, B.Sc. in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension
Mehdi Shahraki, Ph.D
Teguh Sugiarto, finance, accounting, economics and tax
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., PGDM
Vandana Singh, PhD, Post Doc
Carlos Alberto, Analysis of Productivity, Bioeconomy, Climate Change
Hao Liu, B.S. Biotechnology Ph.D. Biochemistry
Shailaza Shrestha, M.Sc. Medical Bio-Chemistry Ph.D. Medical Bio-Chemistry (Pursuing)
Rahul Rai, M.Sc. Medical Anatomy Ph.D. Medical Anatomy (Pursuing)
Jassim Mohammad Abdulkarim, Ph.D
Atishey Mittal, M.Tech
Md. Samdani Azad, P.hD.
Audeh Ahmad Bani Ahmad, Ph.D. in Accounting
Sara Vahid, Ph.D candidate in structural engineering
Baban Parisa Dathwade, BE., M.Tech.
Jyoti Devidas Patil, M.Sc., M.Phil, B.ed. Ph.D.
Dr. Pawan Whig, Ph.D.
Dr. Manash Pratim Sharma, PhD
Behzad Eslam Panah, Ph.D.
Dr. Arshia Rashid Baig, BDS, MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)
Ram Chandra Chaurasia, Ph.D
Yousuf Jamal, Post-doc Phd
Abdul Sahib Almadhhachi, Assistant Professor
Xuan Wu, B.S. (EE), MS degree in (EE)
Engin Ozdemir, Prof. Dr.
Shiou-Jiuan Li, PhD
Pasquale Gallo, Post-doctoral researcher
Sushanth KJ, BE, M.Tech
Amit Tiwari, M. Tech (Production Engineering) , BE(Mechanical Engineering)
Jun Su Park, PhD
Sossio F Graziano, Post-doc research fellow
Kennedy Chinedu Okafor, Ph.D, M.Eng, B.Eng, CCNA, CCNP, CompTIA A+, Server+
Prof Israel W. Udomisor, Ph.D,India. M.A, BFA,New York,Diploma.Berkshire U.K.,PGDM ,India
Sourav Poddar, M.Tech, Ph.D (Pre-Thesis viva-voce over)
Amir Hassan Montazer, PhD in Nanophysics; M.S. (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-Nanophysic B.S. (Solid State Physics)
Dr. Chander Prakash , Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering
Marianna Meo, PhD
Haoting Shen, Research Scientist
Michael Nones, PhD
MD. Eanamul Haque Nizam, B.Sc In Textile Engineering (BD)M.Sc in Textile Engineering (BD)M.Sc in Fashion Design and Engineering (China)
Prof. Pushpa Nagini Sripada, PhD
Fozia Fatima, Ph.D
Ibukun Makinde, BSc - Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, MSc - Chemical Engineering, MS - Chemical Engineering, PhD - Chemical Engineering
Neel Rajeshbhai Shah, M. Tech (Structural Engineering)B.E. (Civil Engineering)
P K Chaturvedi, PhD M Tech MS Consulting Management BE
Dr. Sadu Venkatesu, Ph.D In Engineering Sciences (Mechanical Engineering)
Stelios Markoulis, PhD in FinanceCass Business School, London
Md. Kamrujjaman, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary, Canada, Master of Science, Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mukhles Al-Ababneh, PhD
Chung-Kuang Hou, PhD in Management Information Systems
Sachin Patil, Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering, Wichita State University
Dr. Raja Samikkannu, PhD
Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee, PhD
Sonia Chalia, B.Tech-Aeronautical Engineering M.Tech- Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
Ramachandran Rajaraman, M.Com,M.B.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
Alireza Rostami, PhD
Franco Concli, Assistant Professor
Mohammad Rahimi-Gorji, PhD
Kai Seng, KOH, PhD in Engineering, B(Eng) Chemical Engineering
Ikvinderpal Singh, B.Sc.(IT), MCA, Ph.D.
Hayfaa Abdulzahra, B.Sc and M.Sc from University of Technology - Baghdad Iraq Department: Computer Science and Information Technology Ph.D candidate in UTM Razak School for Engineering and Advanced Technology
Hamid Alasadi, Professor . Ph.D.
Cristiano Jose de Andrade, Postdoctoral Researcher on Chemical Engineering
Yizheng Cao, PhD
Dr. Saravanan Vasudevan, M.E., Ph.D
S. Muthubalaji, Ph.D. (Power Sytems), M.E. (Power Electronics & Drives) B.E. ( Electrical & Electronics)
Mohammad Masoud, Ph.D
Barbara Franaoise Cardoso, PhD
Hassan Ali Ozgoli, PhD
Khadim Moin Siddiqui, B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D
Madhu Santosh Kumar Mutyala , PhD (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Reza Allahvirdizadeh, PhD
Sandeep Phogat, B.Tech, M.Tech, M.B.A, Ph. D (P)
Mohammad Moonesun, Ph.D.
Mathan Kumar N, BE,ME,Ph.D
Yury Nikitin, CSc, Assoc. prof.
Gang Zheng, Ph.D
Alessia Quitadamo, PhD student
Sasan Ghasemi,
Hamed Tirandaz, PhD
Sanan H Khan, PhD
Sunil Prasad, Master of Technology
Xiongbo Duan, Ph.D
Ming Tao,
Farid Khosravikia,
Ilgar Rajabov,
Soheil Gohari, Doctor of Philosophy in the area of Mechanical Engineering
Yoshinori Fukubayashi,
Dr. D.B. Jani, PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Suoying He, Doctor of Philosothy
Yakup Yildiz,
Taha A. Elwi,
Abdelkadir Belhadj, PhD Student _ Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringFaculty of Technology
Dr. Jayaraj Y. Kudariyawar, B.E (Mechanical Engineering), M.Tech (Thermal Engineering), Ph.D (Engineering Science)
Hassen Fourati, Associate Professor
Alireza Javanshir,
Professor Klaudio Bari, PhD in Material ScienceMSc Nuclear EngineeringBSC Mechanical Engineering
Ram Singar Yadav, Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering
Mohamed Ghannam,
Chao Liu, Ph.D.
Arul Elango, Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy)
Miad Saberi, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering-Geotechnical Engineering
Syed Rafiee Abied, M.sc(EEE) B.sc(EEE)
Canh V. Le,
Dr. G. Usha, PhD
Huseyin Erdogan, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Phd., MSc.
Tariq Bashir, PhD in Electrical Engineering
Man Mohan Singh, Phd Pursuing
Stanyo Neykov Dinov, PhD in Law at the University of Heidelberg, LL.M. (Glasgow), (Heidelberg), Master of Law at the South West University Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
La Ode Ichlas Syahrullah Y, Biomechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Satish Chand Gupta, M.Tech
Gzen Bereket, Professor
Seyed Mohammad Amin Ghotbi,
Nepal Chandra Roy, PhD
Avinash Kumar Ranjan, M.Tech (Geoinformatics)
Flavia Chiva Carvalho, Adjunct Professor
Kalyana Saravana Sumanam, Ph.D (pursuing final year) in Satellite Communications
Maulikkumar Pandya, Ph.D. (pursuing)
Surjit, MCA, M.Tech, PhD (Pursuing)
Chafik Okar, Professor
Toshiyuki Takahashi, CompTIA CTT+
Robinson Ichakpa Ejilah, PhD Mechanical Engineering
Babak Karimi Ghalehjough, PhD at Geotechnical Engineering
Fahimeh Hooriabad Saboor,
Shaik Himam Saheb, M.Tech(PhD)
Rodolfo Rosario Klautau de Araujo Gomes, Bachelors degree in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
Nguyen Van-Nghia, PhD and researcher in hydraulic construction, soil mechanic and geomaterials, hydropower.
Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Malik, PhD
Jiaxin Zhang, My main research aims to develop novel techniques for the efficient integration and quantification of uncertainty in computational modeling of structural component and system response. These techniques will be employed to improve computational simulation-based design practices for structures of all
Chenapragada Amarendra, M.Tech,(Ph.D)
Srinivasa Rao Naraganti, M.S. (USA), (Ph.D)
Mohd Suhaib Kidwai, Masters and bachelors in technolgy(M.Tech and B.Tech) in electronics and communication
Soroush Sadripour, Solar Energy, Nanofluid, Thermodynamics, Fuel and Combustion
Chetan Kumar Hirwani, PhD (Pursuing) M. Tech (Machine design) BE (Mechanical Engineering)
Aitor Hernandez Michelena, PhD
Dr. Dipak Kumar, PhD
Ali Hussein Wheeb, M.Sc. in Computer Engineering B.Sc. in Control and System Engineering Research Experience
Jafar Ramadhan Mohammed, PhD
Nasir Kant, PhD
Sneha Gaddam, Ph.D
El Baroudi, Associate professor
Mohamed Fawzi Suleiman, PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, OH, USA Post-Doctoral Reserasch Associate at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
Raghavendra D Naik, PhD
Ricardo S. Barros, Phd in Civil Engineering (Masonry Heritage) Master in Seismic improvement, consolidation and restoration of historic buildings and monuments Degree in Civil Engineering
Hugo Miguel Andrade Lopes Figueiredo da Silva, PhD student Post-Graduation in Mechanical Engineering MSc. in Materials Engineering Bsc. in Material Engineering
Dr. Ch. V S Parameswara Rao, Ph.D M.Tech (Tool Design & Mfg.) B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering
yu-chien Ko, Ph. D.
Milad Ghorbani Moghaddam, Ph.D. Candidate
Kris McGlinn, Ph.D
Cihan Bay?nd?rl?, Asistant. Prof. Dr.
Safa Ben Arab, Doctor in Mechanical Engineering
Ali Anvari,
Danilo Oliveira De Souza, PhD
Nibras Abo Alzahab, Biomedical Engineering Student
Ruggieri Nicola, Architect
Aattache, Dr in civil enginnering
Samira Benaicha, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering Department, University of Setif1, Algeria
Hassan Alimam, Teaching Assistant Since 2013, holding MSc. degree in Mechanical Design Engineering with experience in automatic control and Mechatronics System. I am really passionate with Advanced research in robotic and automation.
Balamuralithara Balakrishnan, PhD
Enrico Tubaldi, Lecturer in Structural Engineering
Binyang Song, PhD candidate
Roberto Palma, PhD
Deniz Uzunoglu, Waste water treatment, adsorption, catalysis, nanoparticle bio/-synthesis and characterisation, hydrogen gas production, bio/-sensors, detection studies,
Mohamad Rizza bin Othman, Dr.-Ing. (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
Brahim Sabir, Phd
Rafael Delucis, PhD in Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
A.Santhi Mary Antony, B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) M.E (Power Electronics) Ph.D (Currently Pursuing in the area Renewable Energy)
Julius Caesar Puoza, PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Hassan Hassanien Mohamed Darweesh, Butcher of Science, Chemistry (Cairo University), M.Sc. and Ph.D. Theses (Ain Shams University), Assoc. Prof. and Professor from NRC.
Memduha Ergut, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Farrukh Jaleel, PhD Chemical Engineering and Technology
Abdulkadir Akyel, PhD
Federica Ongaro, PhD, Aerospace Engineering MSc Civil Engineering
Prakash Arumugam, M.Tech., Ph.D.,
Yuanchen Cui,
Djoko Legono, Prof. Dr.
Sanjoy Paul, PhD
Najib Mohammed AL-fadhali, ? Ph.D. in Technology Management (project management) from UTHM Malaysia
Nur Alom, M.Tech from IIT Guwahati, India Ph.D. pursuing from IIT Guwahati, India
Xiang Xiang, graduate student
Malik Muhammad Zaid, BSc Electrical Engineering
Rahul A Trivedi, PhD, MS (Arizona State University), BE (India)
Prof. Surendra Rahamatkar, B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., D.Litt.
Rakkiyappan Chandran, PhD
Shaik Himam Saheb, m.tech(phd)
N.K. Amudhavalli, Ph.D
Srikanth desu, M.Tech,Ph.D
Ali Gharamohammadi,
Jian-yong Han,
Bin Wang, Associate professor
Mustafa Arslan, Chemistry, polymer, material
Esraa Saleh Abdelall, Ph.D in Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering
Ali I. Al-Mosawi, 1. Ph.D. Student in Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Miskolc, Hungary (2016-2020). 2. M.Sc. in Materials Engr. Babylon University, IRAQ, 2003. 3. B.Sc. in Materials Engr. Babylon University, IRAQ, 2000.
Dr. Wilson Nwankwo, PhD(IT), MSc, MBA, BSc,LLB
Mohammed Wahhab Aljibory, Assit.Prof. in Mechanical Engineering (Power)
Sudeep Baudha, Ph. D
Ernesto Grande, Associate Professor
Krishna Paramathma. M, M.Tech, Ph.D( pursuing)
Md Symon Jahan Sajib, Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Alagappan Pandian, Ph.D in Electrical Engineering
Douglas Aguiar do Nascimento, Msc candidate researcher, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.
Yu Zhao,
Mugdha Tripathi, MTech
Mousa Mohamed Mohamed Mousa, Professor, Doctor, Engineer
Riyadh sabah saleh Al-Turaihi, Riyadh S. Al-Turaihi
Monika Mathur, Associate Professor
Oseni Taiwo Amoo, Fellow Researcher
Thales Botelho de Sousa, PhD Student in Industrial Engineering, São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo (EESC-USP). Professor of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo (IFSP), Campus Registro.
Engr. Dr. Simon Ogbeche Odey, Senior Lecturer
Bouzir Tallal Abdel Karim, Dr Tallal Abdel Karim Bouzir of Université de Biskra, with expertise in Acoustic Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Architectural Engineering.
Anesi S. Mahenge, Senior Lecturer
sara yassin omar, research assistant
Dr. Shubhangi Digambarrao Chikte, Professor & Chairman Department of PG Studies in Computer Science & Engg. VISVESVARAYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY BELAGAVI VTU Centre For PG Studies, Kalaburagi
Marco Antonio Lara De La Calleja, PhD and Professor researcher
Amira Mohamed Attia, teaching assistant
Abhijeet Dasgupta, Research Assistant, Callisto-Space
Dr. Chandan Deep Singh, Assistant Professor
Segun Aina, Lecturer
Dr.Rajitha Gunaratne, Senior Lecturer/Principal Investigator
Dr. Fabricio Moraes de Almeida, Dr. Doctor in Physics - UFC. Professor and Researcher for the Doctoral Course in Regional Development and Environment at the Federal University of Rondônia (UFRO), Brazil, Deputy Coordinator of GEITEC – Research Group in Management of Innovation and Technology of the UFRO, Brazil. E-mail:
Dr. Tushar Hrishikesh Jaware, Asst Prof E&TC Dept R C Patel Institute of Technology Shirpur
Gholamreza Gholipour, Structural Engineering
Ahmed Hussain Ali Abdelrahman, PhD research candidate, Department of civil and environmental engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
Carla Simone Tafuri Marques, Phd
Oussama Ibrahim,
Afonso Rangel Garcez de Azevedo, doctor in civil engineering
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kamran, Associate Professor
Peter Eze,
Dr. Pratim Kumar, Assistant Professor
Zhicheng Gao,
Laidson Paes Gomes, Dr.
Dr. Pala Gireesh Kumar, Assistant Professor
Ansari Omar, University Professor in Higher Normal School of Technical Education, Mohammed V University in Rabat Morocco.
Juan Sebastian Villegas Santos, Mechanical Engineer
Jankhankumar Patel, Masters in applied science
Dr. Ramchandra Ganpati Desavale, Associate Professor
Andres J. Prieto,
Razieh Tavakoli, Research Scholar (Civil Engineering)
Ashish Yadav, Ph.D. scholar
Azemsha Siarhei Aleksandrovich,
Chunchu Bala Rama Krishna, Research Associate
sivasankaran, Assistant Professor
Dr. D.B. Jani, Associate Professor
Nilay N Shah, Assistant Professor
Fatma SARF, Associate Professor
Samuel Sakyi Koram, Dear Editorial Team, I am forever grateful to be given such an opportunity to be a part of your peer reviewing team. Many thanks and kind regards. Sincerely yours, Samuel Sakyi Koram. email: samuelkoram [AT] yahoo [DOT] com mobile: +8613878117571 whatsapp number: +8613878117571
Tarikul Islam, Lecturer
Ma Quanjin,
Dr. P. Sivasankaran, Ph.D, ME, BE in Industrial Engineering
Dr.P.Aparna, Sr.Asst.Prof
Rami Mahmoud Bakr,
Sandeep Jaiswal, Assistant Professor & Head of Department (Biomedical Engineering)
BENAATOU Wafa, PhD in Computer Science and Telecommunication
Feiyue Ma, Ph.D candidate
BERGHOUT BELKACEM, PhD student Architect
Belgacem MAMEN, Associate Professor
Helena Arias Lara Leite,
Rohit Kumar, Research Scholar
Manu Gupta, Assistant Professor
Mohammadhadi Sarajchi,
Fatih Ahmet Şenel, Dr.
ANSHUMAN GUHA, SR. DATA SCIENTIST AT CAPITAL ONE https://www.linkedin.com/in/anshumanguha/
Dr. Kiran Ajetrao, Assistant Professor
Dr. Hardik B. Ramani, Assistant Professor & Head, Mechanical Engineering
Hedi DHOUIBI, Dr. Associate Professor and Director of University of Kairawan
Mohammad Abedin, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Florida International University, FL, United States
Dr.CHINA VENKATESWARLU SONAGIRI, Professor in Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Arthi, Professor
Dr.M.Xavier James Raj, Head, Orbital Analytic Section (Rtd.) Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Indian Space Research Organization, Trivandrum - 695 022, India.
Dr. Taha Awad Allah El-Sayed Ibrahim, Associate Professor
Oleg Nicolaevich Skrypnik, Doctor, Professor
Dr. Narayanaswamy P R Iyer, Electronics consultant
Khalid Rashid, Post Doctoral Scholar
Digamber Singh, Senior Research Assistant
Suyog Dixit,
Muhammad Shahzad Nazir, Assistant Professor
Satishkumar Boguda, Bachelor of Technology Affiliated to JNTU India – 2006
Muhammad Shahzad Nazir, Associate Professor
Mohammad Azim Eirgash, Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Management at KTU. B.Tech, NITW, India
Hasanov Ramiz Alish ogli, Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry
Kalaimurugan K, Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Syed Ammal Engineering College
Dr Neeraj Kumar Misra, Associate Professor at BIET Hyderabad India
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Yadav, Associate Professor
Laxmi Wadhwani, B.Com
Dr.Abeer Adel Salih, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Yubiao (Gary) Zhang, Ph.D., Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, M.Sc., B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Abeer Adel Salih,
NZIE Wolfgang, Associate Professeur
raoudha chaabane, prof
AmirHossein MajidiRad, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Antonella Bevilacqua, Acoustics, Engineering, Architecture
Rishab kasbe, engineering
Preeti sharma, engineering
Milad Khatib, Ph.D in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, ISSEA-Cnam, Beirut, Lebanon
Dr. Mohammadhadi Sarajchi, Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering | University of Kent | Canterbury, Kent, UK.
Terry Moschandreou, Doctor of Philosophy Applied Mathematics, Western University
Manthan Vikas Pawar, Master of Science – Robotics and Mechatronics, New York University