The Journey of Life Creation


  • Rami Ayoob


astronomy, life, deep space, earth, sun, environment, galaxy, big bang, gravitation, heliocentric model,


Life is a gift for all humans as it gives meaning to their existence by practicing and exploring the Events and Activities that occur around them To explain these events we need to look at the root of causing them by understanding how these objects events creatures or any matter are created So we will go over a Journey on how this life is working and explain about the mechanism of this life since it s made The goal of this paper is to simplify the understanding of our lives and to put the priorities where human needs to work together to create a better life and peaceful environment Astronomy is the crucial factor to accomplish this goal by giving it the right and fair explanations on how the Objects are working connected or Created and understanding the way of the Universe system is designed and what is worth and not worth to be explored and analyze human efforts shall be utilized and optimized on what reflect benefits on them for continuous life improvements and developments

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The Journey of Life Creation