Search engine technology has become quite popular to help users seek information available on the web. The success of a searching system is determined by the quality and efficiency of the search results. There may be very good items on the search topic in other language, but, search engine will generally retrieve items of only one language. Most of these search engines use pattern search which is not efficient. In this paper we present a tool that addresses this problem. Here we discuss the work carried out in developing an efficient tool that retrieves all the items of the database relevant to search term, not just the term matching. This tool retrieves all the synonym matches from both languages. ‘MedhAMshashOdhini’, meaning, the one which searches exactly what your brain wants to search for, retrieves the documents in both Telugu and English languages. This tool gives the flexibility of searching based on the context, based on the semantics in two different languages. Main claim of the paper is the efficient architecture of thesaurus and the procedure used in retrieving the relevant documents in both languages based on the context.

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SIR, Dr.K.V.N.Sunitha. MedhAMshaShOdhini – An Efficient Bilingual Search Engine Tool for Telugu Language. Global Journal of Research In Engineering, [S.l.], v. 12, n. 2-A, feb. 2012. ISSN 2249-4596. Available at: <https://engineeringresearch.org/index.php/GJRE/article/view/383>. Date accessed: 13 june 2021.