Now day’s automation systems are very common to each and every field of human life. Humans want to lead a leisure full life. The theme work of this paper is also based on this idea. The idea is to automate the appliances using a normal mobile phone system. These paper fistly commands a system which governs a system which gives the command to appliances to either switch on or off. The system works on some common day’s technologies which are mobile networking using GSM or CDMA, Duel Tone Multiple Frequency and basic encoding and decoding techniques. In this project we try to give the same prototype for this type of trains. We are using microcontroller 89c51 as CPU. And secondly the motion of the train is controlled by the stepper motor, for displaying the message in the train we are using intelligent LCD display of two lines. The train is designed for three stations, named as A, B and C. The stoppage time for every station is 3sec and time to travel from one station to another is 6sec, there is a LCD display for showing various messages in the train for passengers. There are indicators, which are used to show the train direction i.e. UP path and DOWN path .before stopping at the station, the train blows the buzzer. it also includes an emergency brakes system due to which the train stops as soon as the brakes are applied and resumes journey when he emergency situation is over.

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