This Work Aims to Analyze, Through Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd)With the Concept of Conjugate Heat Transfer (Cht), the Effect of the Thermal Barrier Coating and the Cooling Systemon an Austenitic Stainless Steel Blade in Order to Evaluate the Temperature Behavior of the Material. Although this Steel Has a Lower Cost Compared Tto Super alloys, It has Similar Properties, Such as the Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Chemical Affinity and Melting Point. this Evaluation used Ansys® Cfx Software to Solve the Numerical Problem. the Systemis Validated by Comparing the Computational Results to an Experiment. Gas Turbine Blades have a Low Weight and an Elevated cost. this cost came Mainly from Both the Material used and the Sophisticated Coating and cooling Method. Thermal Barrier Coatings Associated to a Cooling System are Employed on Gas Turbine Blades to Increase the Lifetime of the Blade and the gas Turbine Performance.

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AUGUSTO DE SOUZA, ELISÂNGELA MARTINS LEAL, ADILSON RODRIGUES DA COSTA, MILTON SERGIO FERNANDES DE LIMA, Leandro. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Analysis of a Coated Stainless Steel Gas Turbine Blade. Global Journal of Research In Engineering, [S.l.], sep. 2019. ISSN 2249-4596. Available at: <https://engineeringresearch.org/index.php/GJRE/article/view/1958>. Date accessed: 20 feb. 2020.