This research study was to design a pedestrian steel bridge at Auchi Polytechnic Hostel Gate across Auchi-Benin Expressway so as to provide a safer and easy route for the users, especially students and also to reduce accident rate. The work involved the feasibility study of the chosen sections such as soil analysis, design of the structural components of the bridge,(beams, floorplate, column and foundation) which were designed to British Standard (BS 5400, BS 5950, BS 8110). Soil allowable bearing capacity of 233KN/m 2 was established. This was used for the design of the pad footings for the steel stanchions whose dimensions were 1300 mm * 1300 mm * 450 mm and also the specification for plate was 80 mm *2 mm, staircase beam; 254 *102 * 28UB beam for bracing; 127*76*46UB, walkway beam; 356*171*57UB, landing; 254*102*28UB, column; 203*203* 46UC and foundation reinforcements were found to be 6Y20mm@300c/c (As=1050mm 2 ) in each direction.

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