This study is to assessed and investigate the challenges, trends and problems of production planning and controls on basic metal industries comparative advantages. Since the study is conducted with field observation, questioner ,company reports used as primary data and literature review of research articles, books, manuals, magazines, and electronic-sources which used as secondary data. A case study also conducted at the selected two basic metal industries. However, the collected data were analysis using descriptive analysis, SPCT(fishbone diagram).Due to improper production planning and control systems, problems plant lay-out, waste in manufacturing process ,quality, manufacturing planning and control, deficiency of control and monitoring, low production capacity and effectiveness, lack of smooth service and support delivery problems management information system, insufficient skill levels of employee, lack of unity including poor coordination, warehouse problems were instigated as the challenges and problems of basic metal industries. As a result of these challenges the global competitiveness of Ethiopian basic metal industries are poor. Therefore to attempt the above problems, in this study the strategies and ways forward for implementing production planning and controlling(PPC) systems to Ethiopia basic metal industries were done, so as to improve the global competitiveness of basic metal industries.

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