The research was carried out with an intention to observe any sign of improvement of clayey soil due to the addition of soda lime glass dust with it. In this thesis work clayey type soil has been chosen. The reason behind choosing clay is that it has some problems. The main problem is that it undergoes consolidation settlement due to the application of long term loading. Another problem is it shrinks significantly if it is dried and expands significantly if it absorbs moisture which exerts much pressure on the substructure. Glass dust is chosen to check the improvement because it is cohesionless material. Addition of cohesionless material to the cohesive soil means it will lessen the consolidation settlement and expansive nature of soil. To investigate the effect traditional methods of analyzing the effect of additives on soil has been adopted i.e. conducting several tests of untreated soil and soil treated with glass dust and then comparing the results. The tests that were carried out in this study are Compaction test, Atterberg test, Consolidation test, Unconfined compression test. Before this to know the type of soil grain size analysis and specific gravity tests were performed. From the test results it is observed that the maximum dry density increases, optimum moisture content decreases, liquid limit decreases, plastic limit increases, plasticity index decreases, compression index and swell index decreases with the addition of glass dust with soil. Unconfined compressive strength decreases at zero day and after curing for some days the unconfined compressive strength increases with the addition of glass dust with soil.

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