This paper is only based on the computational analysis. First of all taking window method for designing low pass FIR filter and the window equation for the different window is coded in the Matlab and find out the result by changing filter order randomly 21 to 54 and find out there results the width of main lobe and number of side lobes 0.4330 to 0.7500 and 4 to 15 respectively. But our goal to find out the width of main lobe is 0.4000 and minimum sides lobes, and then using same parameters for IIR filter we design an IIR filter and then we compare the FIR and IIR filter to find the best result, so for this optimization all data is coded in the Matlab and then by the help of Neural Network we find out the best result after simulation.

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GUPTA, Awadhesh; TRIPATHI, Girish Chandra. Design and Analysis of Low Pass FIR IIR Filter and Find Optimum Result Using Neural Network. Global Journal of Research In Engineering, [S.l.], v. 10, n. 7, dec. 2010. ISSN 2249-4596. Available at: <https://engineeringresearch.org/index.php/GJRE/article/view/116>. Date accessed: 25 jan. 2022.