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Moment capacity, Cracking Behaviour and Ductile Properties of Reinforced Concrete Beams using Steel Slag as a Coarse aggregate

Dr.Arivalagan. S


This research paper outlines the method of preparation, testing procedure and salient results on the eco-friendly concrete that is manufactured using the waste products of steel industries. Results of eight flexural behaviour of Steel slag concrete beams and thier comparison with normal weight concrete (NWC) with reinforcement and without reinforcements are presented and discussed .The concrete is of grade 20 and the reinforced concrete beams of size 150 mm x 150 mm x 900 mm were prepared to study the structural behaviour. Similar grade concrete using NWC were also prepared and reinforced. It has been observed from the experimental investigation of the beams, that the moment capacity of SSRC beams was higher than NWC beams . In addition, the mode of failure observed in SSRC was ductile compared to the brittle failure of NWC beams. Thus, the SSRC beams showed a ductile failure, giving amble warning before failure happened. SSRC beams also exhibited a lot of cracking thus the crack width and crack spacing was small. The other advantage for SSRC beams was deflection. The SSRC beams exhibited higher deflection under constant load until failure, compared to NWC beams that failed in brittle manner without warning.


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